Jay McCarl

Founder | Biblical Dinners Ministries

Pastor Jay McCarl has Master's degrees in Chaplaincy Ministry and was a volunteer Chaplain with Placer County Law Enforcement Chaplaincy for 30 years. He has served in ministry since 1973 at Calvary Chapels including in Orange County and San Diego California. In 1991 Jay founded and is the senior pastor at Calvary Georgetown Divide in Northern California. In addition to weekly sermons, he teaches courses and seminars on subjects including Ancient Middle Eastern Logic and Biblical eschatology. Pastor Jay also teaches at Bible Colleges around the world including at Calvary Bible College in Jerusalem

In 1998 he also founded Biblical Dinners Ministries which features live anthropological teachings of the Last Supper and ancient Galilean weddings at now more than 200 churches, Bible colleges and theological institutes in 15 countries worldwide. He’s also an avid speaker at Calvary Chapel pastors conferences around the United States and leads Holy Land group tours where he’s visited the Middle East more than 40 times.

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